“I love everything about this gym – the coaches, the classes, my fellow members, the challenges…it’s all good!”


“I love the community. People push you and support you through the tough workouts.”


“I’ve never been stronger! MPWR kickstarted my love for HIIT exercises. It’s never a boring class with Bryce or Michael; you just never know what’s coming for you, whether it’s an obstacle course, running up the stairs outside or doing what seems like a million burpee box jumps in a row. In all seriousness, I really appreciate how, despite being a busy group class, the coaches really pay attention and keep an eye on your form. If there’s one thing you do in your day, make sure it’s a class at MPWR!”


“The grogginess of sleep is easily washed away when I step into either MPWRFit or CrossFit classes every day at 6:00am. The coaches are fun, energetic, and push me to become better with each exercise. This mentality is shared by fellow members, creating a great environment for everyone to become stronger and have a good time while doing it.”


“MPWR Fitness has a fantastic variety of classes that keep you challenged (and sore). The instructors and fellow classmates are all supportive. This is the friendliest and best value gym I’ve ever found!”


“As a person who has exercised since I was thirteen years old, I’ve tried most types of workouts. I have found the best toning with the Crown Street Barre class at MPWR! Quick results, great classes (Yvette!! <3), and so much fun!”


“The community at MPWR is incredible. The coaches are encouraging and energetic as they push you to move beyond your inhibitions. Each class is a little different, so I’m never bored!”

“I’ve always hated the gym before I found MWPR Fitness, but this place very quickly became my Eden. I honestly can’t believe what a positive effect the workouts had on my strength and alertness in the first six months of coming to MPWR. The supportive and cheerful attitude of all the coaches and my new-found workout buddies keeps me excited to show up and the day-after muscle aches keep me looking forward to my next class.”
“I’ve been training with Coach Ysa and the other MPWR trainers for a few months – they are the most energetic and committed trainers I have ever met.

Coach Ysa is focused on helping every person surpass their personal goals and makes every session challenging (& somehow fun). By following Coach Lee’s training tips and taking classes, I have lost +10 lbs and am increasingly becoming stronger. Now, I am lifting much heavier weights and finishing the brutal 45s/15s HiiT circuits without having Coach Ysa calling me out for stopping early :). She uses her medical training and knowledge to ensure everyone’s safety while simultaneously pushing our limits with new moves and techniques every week. Whenever you check in, you can be sure that she will get more than 100% out of you.

I thoroughly enjoy working out at MPWR and would recommend Coach Ysa’s HiiT classes in a heartbeat!”


“Barre…Michael’s Rowing, and Hiit classes are amazing! The instructors thoughtfully plan their workouts, offering alternative moves for higher intensity or lower intensity workouts. This gym and the instructors aim to bring you a personal workout – what works best for you. As someone who works down at the Yale Medical School, the gym is at a VERY convenient location with showers, shampoo, water bottles, and towels to use. I love starting my day early with a workout and then heading to lab. Thank you MPWR Fitness!”

Naya (from Facebook)

“This was my first week coming here and it was a great introduction into getting healthy again. I needed a spark to get back into shape, and the accessibility of Mpwr House along with the variety of classes made it very easy. I enjoy the atmosphere and quality of classes and instructors so far. I am looking forward to coming here on a regular basis!”

Nicki (from Yelp)

“Was in town for business and was looking for a place to workout besides the hotel gym and I didn’t see much in the area online. Just happened to be walking by and popped in and discovered there was a HiiT class in a few minutes, so I signed up! It was super hard and exactly was I was looking for! Cardio, Weights – lots of equipment and challenging circuits. Going to go back tomorrow for another class! Great workout and nice, attentive instructor with motivating energy and fun music. I will definitely return next time i am in town! Thank you so much!”

Katy (from Facebook)

“Super fun staff…great challenging workouts..place is clean..a must a try!!”

Katlin (from Facebook)

“This place is one of a kind! There are so many class options to find something that works for you — barre, TRX, Hiit, rowing + more! The staff is very encouraging & great at adapting the workout to you and your goals.”

Brittany (from Yelp)
“MPWR has been a hella motivating space to train in, whether you’re looking to start your foray into healthy living or you’re a seasoned vet. The classes are upbeat, focus on full body workouts, and offer a range of things so it doesn’t feel repetitive. My personal fav is kickboxing, though I’m also super pumped that I’m lifting for the first time in life in the Strength class! If you’re looking for fun group programming that kicks things up a notch, MPWR will have you sweating in no time!”
“I absolutely love MPWR fitness! It is one of my happy places. You will find the best workouts and instructors in the New Haven area. You are guaranteed to torch calories and have fun thanks to heart pumping playlists and awesome, inspiring instructors. The Barre and HIIT classes are exceptional! After getting sidelined due to an injury, Coach Yvette and Coach Sharon have been extremely helpful customizing my workouts to help me regain strength to continue reach my goals. All instructors are very friendly, encouraging and accommodating. The atmosphere in the studio and quality of the workouts is excellent. I highly recommend it and look forward to coming on a regular basis!”
“I have been a member of MPWR now for a little over a month and I love it! The instructors and classes are all outstanding. Instructors are creative and always willing to demonstrate exercises, show modifications…all the while keeping the energy of the class high and supportive. I tend to stick to the HIIT classes, but I’ve never been disappointed when I’ve tried something else. The best part, with every class I feel myself getting stronger and fitter.”

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