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Why I Crossfit, by Natalie Daumeyer

//Why I Crossfit, by Natalie Daumeyer

Why I Crossfit, by Natalie Daumeyer

Why I Crossfit, by Natalie Daumeyer.

Throughout my life I have done many different physical activities both for fun and for fitness: running, swimming, dancing, weight training on my own, etc. While I had my reasons for doing each activity, nothing has changed my body the way CrossFit has. Since starting CrossFit just over a year ago, my hip mobility has improved tremendously. I can now easily get below parallel on my squats without my chest falling forward. Because of CrossFit I actually like my arms now. And while some women may fear that CrossFit will make you “bulky,” I’m here to tell you that it won’t. You would have to eat a LOT of food to bulk up while doing CrossFit. But most importantly, CrossFit has made me realize how amazing my body is. I can move a lot more weight than I ever thought possible when I started. But by far the best thing about doing CrossFit is that it has shifted my attitude toward my body. Rather than focusing on my flaws, I know focus on all the incredible things my body can do. And for all the things I can’t do yet (I’m coming for you, pull ups), I know that I am a work in progress and with patience and hard work, I will get there eventually. But even setting the physical stuff aside, CrossFit makes me feel empowered. It has made me realize I have more mental toughness than I ever gave myself credit for. It has given me confidence in my ability to try something new and see it as a way to improve myself physically and mentally rather than to shy away because of a challenge. As a woman wanting to not only be fit, but to feel powerful inside and out, CrossFit is helping me get there, one WOD at a time.

Over the next five weeks for the Open we will be giving you personal testimonies for why the athletes of MPWR do CrossFit.