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Best Fitness Apps for Your Phone

//Best Fitness Apps for Your Phone

Best Fitness Apps for Your Phone

Best Fitness Apps For Your Phone


Having a fitness regimen has a countless number of benefits.  It has proven to allow for a longer lifespan, increase quality of life, and fight against heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Exercise helps us to be positive, have more energy and work towards personal goals. Regardless if you are the seasoned fitness enthusiast or you are just beginning, there are training programs and workouts for all levels.  Whether you are looking to lose weight, crush PR’s on the barbell, get leaner, more flexible, or gain more endurance, there is an app for that. Below are listed some of the best fitness apps to tailor to specific needs.


  1. Freeletics Bodyweight: Best for body weight exercises. This app is designed for you to get your workout in if you don’t have any fitness props available. With an available 900 workouts on this app, you can choose from regimens including HIIT workouts and strength training.  Most workouts last between 5 – 30 minutes, so this app is perfect for the person on the go. Free on iTunes and Google Play.


  1. Aaptive: Best for beginners. On the Aaptive app, users are led by skilled trainers who guide you through the workout.  Workouts to choose from include running (treadmill and pavement), elliptical training, race training, cycling, strength training, stretching and yoga.  Most of these workouts last a short as 7 minutes and meant for fitness enthusiasts of all levels. $15/month or $100/year. (30 day free trial).


  1. C25K 5k Trainer: Best for those ready to begin running. The 5k is the perfect race to train for, for those beginning to run.  Coming in at just over 3 miles, running a 5k is a great mini goal. Within two months, this app talks you through running workouts that last anywhere between 30 to 40 minutes.  Since the app alternates between walking and running, you can start your running regimen without feeling overwhelmed. Plus, the app provides you with a playlist to keep you motivated and moving. $5/month or $50/year available on iTunes and Google Play.


  1. Nike + Run Club: Best for training for a race. Road and trail races come in various distances: from a 5k to a full marathon.  No matter the distance, it takes a training plan to reach your goal. This app creates a plan based on the distance you working towards and the pace you are looking to work with. As you continue to train, the app adapts bases on your progress so that you can still reach those goals.  Free on iTunes and Google Play.


  1. My Fitness Pal: Best for tracking your nutrition. Keeping track of nutrition is a key part in reaching your fitness goals and reaching for those PR’s.  This particular app takes out tracking calories with pen and paper. By using My Fitness Pal, you are able to track calories, carbohydrates, proteins and fats.  My Fitness Pal makes it easy to log all of your meals and snacks into one spot and saves the information. The app provides the nutritional information for over six million foods! With this app, you are able to log in recipe information as well as items from your own home and restaurants.  The app also allows you to log your activity for the day and tells you how many more calories, fats and carbs you need for that day. Free on iTunes and Google Play.  Premium app for $5/month.


  1. Fitocracy: Best for those who need a bit more motivation.  Fitocracy is a great way for those who finding getting fit a chore.  To motivate its users, the app applies gamification to real-world exercise.  You are rewarded with points as you log your activities. These points cause you to level up and earn more achievements as you improve.  For $5 a month, you can get access to detailed insights and have the chance to get competitive with other members. Including cardio, strength training and so much more, the app is a workout tracker rolled into a social network. Available on iTunes and Google Play for free, or $5 a month for premium Hero subscription.


  1. Fitbod: Best for strength training and weightlifting, bodybuilding and body sculpting. Bast on information that you supply, the app creates customized workouts that prioritize specific muscles groups in your body. To get started, first you choose an activity type, specific goals, and number of workouts you will complete that week. Once this is provided, a plan is mapped out that adapts to your level of fitness and goals. With this app, videos and descriptions are provided.  No weights in sight? No worries. The app also provides body weight training. Free on iTunes and Google Play.  Subscriptions available for $8/month.


  1. Fitness Point: Best for needing a reference for your exercises.  Fitness Point is also aimed at strength training and weight lifting, however, it serves as a references of exercises rather than a customized planner.  Each exercise is provided with a description, an animation, and information about what muscle groups are targeted. The app provides hundreds of exercises to choose from and you can create your own plans and track your progress.  Best of all, the app includes built in rest-timer to use while working out and reaching those goals! Available on iTunes and Google Play: Fitness Point (free) Fitness Point Pro ($5/month) Fitness Point Female ($5/month).


While this is far from an exhaustive list of apps for your phone or device, the above provides some of the most tried and true ways to track your progress right at your fingertips.  Whatever way in which you are looking to get fit, any of these apps can help you progress and reach your goals.